Other Experience

Berkeley YMCA
→ Market Demand Analysis

Catellus Development
→ Revenue Impact Study; Comparative Analyses

City of Bell, CA
→ Comparative Evaluation of Developers' Proposals

City of Bell Gardens, CA
→ Shared Appreciation Mortgage Analysis

City of Chattanooga, TN
→ Economic Study of Downtown Strategic Plan

City of Diamond Bar, CA
→ Economic Development Strategy Workshop; Land Use Study

City of New Orleans, LA
→ Comparative Evaluation of Developers' Proposals

City of Rancho Mirage, CA
→ Fiscal Impact Analysis of Developer Proforma Assumptions

Forest City Developers
→ Impacts of Changing Market Demographics

Horizon Services, Inc.
→ Cal Mortgage Loan Package and Services Demand Analysis

Los Angeles County Chief Administrative Office
→ Survey of Public Leasing Policy

Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors
→ Marina Lease Extension Analysis; Market Surveys; Lease Performance Analyses

Pasadena Community Development Commission
→ Introduction to Redevelopment: Seminar and Workbook

Rand Corporation
→ Budget Analysis of the City of Santa Monica