Solution - Journal Upload

The Problem

MRI provides an Import utility that many use for uploading Journal entries from Excel or other software. Using MRI Import requires several or more steps and data errors are logged separately requiring even more steps to access. Plus, the errors are in SQL and therefore not easily understood by the average MRI user.

The Solution

I wrote a report for a client that extracts journal entry detail from a text file and creates the journal entry while simultaneously printing a report that mirrors the MRI_JOURNAL report.

The custom report pre-screens each record and lists any data errors, foreign key conflicts, etc. so that these can be easily understood by the accountant and remedied prior to updating the Journal table.


This client is now able to upload thousands of journal entries by simply printing a report.

This same report includes a runtime option for uploading Standard Journal entries as well. Two import functions, one simple report.

This custom solution works in both Web and Windows.